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Vancouver Railing Contractor is here to empower you to turn your design vision into reality with a glass railing. We work collaboratively with you through the design process, showing you 3D renderings of your project. And when it comes to fabrication, we supply both the hardware and the glass panels, so you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors.


Once you’ve decided on a design and would like to proceed with the project, Vancouver Railing Contractor will send out to-scale templates designed. When mounted, you are now able to measure the necessary runs to the exact inch. Once confirmed, the project moves into our engineering department.

We also had to find a way to make it easy for an inexperienced individual to provide those measurements. Measuring for glass sounds like something that would be scary, but truthfully is extremely easy.

We provide tape and screws that will work to hold them in place. At that point, it’s outside to outside measurement. Once you record all your run measurements, they are sent back to our Glass Project Coordinators, reviewed, and supplied to our in house engineering team.


Occasionally, there will be some back and forth during this stage, and you can help expedite the process through quick responses and clear communication with your project coordinator. Once you confirm that the engineering drawings match your project, engineering is complete, and you’ll move into fabrication.


This stage is where everything gets manufactured. There’s nothing for you to do during this time except continue prepping your job site.

What Glass Services Can I Expect From Vancouver Railing Contractor?

Vancouver Railing Contractor will Design, Fabricate & Deliver your entire glass railing system. With state of the art technology & innovation, Vancouver Railing Contractor can be your one-stop-shop for glass railing. Our expert designers will work with you to create a custom-designed glass system for your balcony, stairway, pool, or anywhere else. Vancouver Railing Contractor then fabricates the glass panels with low-iron sapphire glass and delivers them directly to you. Check out the video to the right, covering our glass fabrication process.

When it Comes to Glass, We Make it All!

Vancouver Railing Contractor provides Low Iron (Starphire) tempered glass with in house engineering and production. Vancouver Railing Contractor is excited to announce the arrival of our glass railing system and full glass manufacturing plant. Glass Railing is a top choice for both view preservation and safety. In exterior applications, glass is highly effective as a windbreaker, making it extremely popular on waterfront properties. While it helps to block harsher winds, the small gaps between the glass and the posts and handrail allow you to enjoy mild breezes. The clear panels give the illusion of an invisible railing as the natural views shine through. Treated glass requires very little maintenance other than an occasional washing with soap and water or another glass cleaner.

We are available 24/7 and provide emergency railing services. Vancouver Railing Contractor is now one of the best service brands in Vancouver. Contact us to schedule your FREE consultation.

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